About YOG Farms

About Yog Farms
Yog Farms Entry gate

There is an unexpected rush in investments in farmhouses owing to the restricted, unsafe surroundings of modern urban India, especially post-pandemic. People are preferring farmhouses to experience comfortable second homes, where they can live their dream of a home established in the farms or simply pursue their passion for organic farming.

Keeping this in mind, Yog Farms has been developed in the picturesque location of Wada, Palghar. With just few hours’ drive away and having close proximity to major cities, Yog Farms have turned into a mini-paradise for nature lovers.

Yog Farms was born out of the imagination of JP Group, a trusted name with over 40 years of experience in developing lands. We, at Yog Farms were lucky to have the expertise of Mr J P Maurya who promoted the “new ruralism.” Yog Farms is thus a farm- themed eco-village with a gated community and all modern amenities, spread across huge acres of farmland. It's safe, serene and blessed with healthy weather.

At Yog Farms, we believe that a farmhouse in nature is a sanctuary meant for you and your family. That’s why we form communities of like-minded people who explore and respect nature without distressing its harmony. We endeavor to make your second home is nothing short of a dream by leading you through every step.

We Are Open, with Green Spaces

We are ambitious and are constantly on the pursuit for innovative and sustainable ideas that bring nature alive. Every team member at J P Group is keen about making a positive impact through our pursuit of a greener and sustainable future.

We Are Biased Towards Nature

In everything we do, the primary step is to analyze the environment feasibility and implications. That is always a priority for Yog Farms. We don’t try to control or eradicate nature, rather we search for ways to work in harmony with it. We actually find this interesting and challenging, and the results are worth it!

We Believe In Leaving A Place Greener Than It Was

We have taken on-board some of the best Environmentalists, Landscapers and Architects to reinstate the ecological balance in our projects. Our aim is to bring back the native flora & fauna species to co-exist together and build a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Core Values

Co-existing with nature is our main principle and that conveys volumes about our core values.

Enjoy Nature With The Comfort Of City

At Yog Farms, you can live a healthy, organic, safe and pollution-free life, build your dream farmhouse, engage in trekking activities, grow your own organic farm vegetables, sing-dance-play with your family, read a book, have a hot cup of coffee, and do everything that you love. And yes, turn your work from home routine into work from nature bliss!

There is indeed so much more to do once you invest at Yog Farms. So, book your dream project and lead a life of serenity amidst nature.